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5 Ways to Ruin a Landing Page

The landing page, as its name implies, is the first page a visitor sees when they visit your company’s website. The page’s goal is to convince the reader to take a certain action, such as filling a form or offering contact information. These pages get traffic from several sources: email links, PPC and great sales copy. To turn site visitors into customers, you’ll need a combination of strong images, an eye-popping “call to action” tab and a solid page design. Below are several mistakes you should avoid when creating or revitalizing a landing page with the best WordPress landing page plugins.

Using a Low-Quality Headline


Your site’s landing page will only work if it has a headline that can overcome the average site visitor’s filters, which have been developed via broken promises and information overload. A good headline for a landing pages can increase the landing page’s effectiveness, and it can even help to compensate for some of the errors below. A split test is relatively simple, and it can bring a higher conversion rate than many other tricks of the trade.

Using a Site-Wide Design


Most marketers who use content to attract customers to their website use a CMS (content management system) like WordPress, which uses design themes to present sites in a visually stimulating way. While your typical blog header and sidebar are fine, when it comes to a landing page with a singular goal like offering the best internet marketing product reviews, all of those extras can offer a potent distraction. On your landing page, cut the clutter and create a clean page that spurs the reader to action. Let’s say you’re creating a content sparks review to promote the website, you’ll need to have a very good headline to get people to read further and then have good call to actions on the page to entice clicks.

Making Multiple Requests


Many believe that customers always want more choices, but that assumption has been proven false more than once. The “choice paradox” shows that, even when a person has multiple options, they may end up deciding by not making a decision. To be effective, your landing page should ask for ONE action in a specific way. So if you’re creating a PLR.me Review, you’ll want to get the customer to click your affiliate link. To do this, you could entice the clicks by offering high-value bonuses, or free coaching.

Ignoring Aesthetic Principles


When some site marketers ask visitors to take a certain action, they do so with no regard for the page’s appearance. Gaudy colors, illegible fonts and basic clip art do not bring conversions; all they’ll do is diminish your credibility. While using a cookie-cutter blog theme for a Coach Glue review is a distraction in the context of a landing page, the pendulum should not swing too far in the other direction. An effective landing page uses visuals from Youzign 2.0 that are customized to the market and action you want, thereby enhancing the user experience and increasing conversion rates. One of the most popular WordPress themes used by top marketers and businesses around the world today is OptimizePress. You can read this OptimizePress 2.0 Review to learn about how this theme can dramatically increase your website landing page designs and conversions.



You may have heard that most searchers will spend 80% of their browsing time above the fold, or the part of the page that’s visible in the browser window as the page loads for the first time. That doesn’t mean the reader won’t scroll down—it simply means that you can’t assume they’ll do so. You can’t afford to be lazy about grabbing (and retaining) the user’s attention when offering a free resale rights products membership, and you can’t assume that everyone sees the benefits of your product right away. The other option is to join IDPLR, then write your own idplr review and use all the tips you found on this page to design the landing page for the review and make it convert well. Consider adding bonuses to your landing pages to increases conversions. Think about things from the visitor’s perspective, and you’ll see where changes may need to be made. Last tip before I leave you, private label rights videos tend to be good high converting bonuses based off my testing recently. Here’s one source I use to find lists of the best plr videos to use in my digital marketing and affiliate marketing campaigns.